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Jim Koch (925) 526-5624


Koch Capital is not affiliated with nor compensated by any brokerage firm, mutual fund company or insurance organization. We are free to research and select the best solutions from any source for our clients.


We provide objective, comprehensive advice along with the pros and cons of implementing different financial strategies. Koch Capital will help you select the financial path that is best for your unique financial situation.


As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are a Fiduciary to our clients. The Fiduciary standard of professional conduct always puts the client's interest first, and is a higher standard of care than most brokerage firms require.


Koch Capital's investment management fees and portfolio costs are consistently lower than major brokerages and are disclosed at all times to our clients. The additional cost savings we achieve through our advanced technology platform is passed along to our clients for additional savings.


Our internally developed, cloud-based platform provides our clients with all financial planning data they require any time and from anywhere. Your time is valuable and finite, and we won't waste it on non-productive activities.


We focus on our core skills of investment management, retirement planning, risk management and in select cases, technology implementation. We outsource estate planning, tax preparation and insurance acquisition to other trusted professionals.

Services We Offer

  • Investment Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cash Flow & Budgeting
  • Free Portfolio Review
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy & Education
  • Insurance Review
  • Productivity Consulting

Live Outside California?

No problem! Most of our clients, both inside and outside Northern California, prefer online meetings given the scheduling convenience and no travel hassles. Our online planning platform is available 24/7 from your workstation, laptop and mobile device.

Schedule a Meeting

The first meeting is always complimentary and we are always are available by phone (925) 526-5624 and email to discuss your needs. You can also frequently find me online at Google Meet and Zoom. Koch Capital's public calendar is available on the Resources page if interested in meeting at an online or physical event location.

Firm Compensation

Koch Capital is paid directly by our clients for the advice and services we provide. Client fee arrangements are based on either Assets Under Management (AUM) or a negotiated flat fee. We do not receive commissions from any financial institution we utilize in the course of the engagement with you.